Our Courses

We offer a range of courses, all based on remote-learning. Some material is available on this website and through other online sources, but most will be provided to students via email, once they have signed up. Click the titles to go to the relevant course page!

Foundation Course

This is aimed at those wishing to become qualified Parish Catechists.

The Foundation Course trains adults to become parish catechists on completion of all four parts - Doctrine, Scripture & Liturgy, Life in Christ and Sowing the Seed, the latter needs some practical experience. After their Final Assessment those who qualify will receive the Certificate counter-signed by the Bishop of their Diocese. Some adults just wish to develop their own knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the Church and may take parts 1, 2 and 3 to complete without the qualification.

Diploma Course

This offers a comprehensive academic education in the Catholic Faith combined with practical training for catechists who wish to enhance and further their skills as Qualified Parish Catechists.

The Diploma Course trains adults at an advanced level, covering Old Testament, New Testament, the Church, and ideally some practical work. It is for those who wish to become fully competent catechists. On successful completion and assessment of this Course, the student’s Diploma is counter-signed by the Bishop of their Diocese. Students who have studied the Foundation or Diploma Course become members of OLC and can work as parish catechists in all sorts of roles, for example, RCIA, Baptism, preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation or Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

We also offer the two courses below, which were written by our Spiritual Director, Fr Harry Curtis MEd, STL, BSc.
These are intended for adults or young people who wish to learn more about the Catholic faith.

Catholicism Made Simple

This course has been prepared to help people who want to know more about the Catholic Faith. It is also suitable for members of other faiths who want to know more about Catholicism. It provides a good foundation for our other courses.

Catholicism Made Simple, (CMS), gives a comprehensive introduction to the Catholic faith and the knowledge builds up over 20 short papers. Students are asked to give brief answers to questions on each paper and send them to their own individual tutor along with any questions they may have. This course is ideal for people who are thinking of entering the Church and it can be completed alongside any parish RCIA programme. It is also suitable for adults who are Catholic but feel they need an ‘up-date’, for example when their children are preparing for the Sacraments. The CMS course has also been used successfully in prisons. Several hundreds have completed this course since it began in 2000 and certificates of completion issued. The Course has been translated into Afrikaans and Xhose. It has also proved successful for some non-Catholics. Some of these students are now working on the Foundation Course.

The Mysteries of Christian Life

The Mysteries of the Christian Life, is our latest course and is an exploration of Christian Life and Doctrine through the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The Course is based on the exploration of the Rosary. Each chapter takes in turn a decade of the Rosary, working through the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. Each chapter has its own worksheet with Bible readings and a picture to focus attention and encourage reflection. This course has been designed so that the student can either bring their findings to a group for discussion or send it to an appointed tutor.