Foundation Course

Sowing the Seed


  • To train men and women to become parish catechists. For this, all Modules must be completed.
  • To provide a postal course for adults wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the Church. For this purpose, Parts 1, 2 and 3 are appropriate

What is involved?

The course is divided into four parts, which are briefly described below. A full synopsis of the course is available here.

Part 1: Doctrine

Part 2: (a) Old Testament & (b) New Testament

  • The Word of God in Scripture and Liturgy

Part 3: Moral Issues

Based on:

Some students end their study at this point and will receive a Completion certificate, with or without assessment. Those who wish to qualify as parish catechists take the first assessment then go on to Part 4

Part 4: Practical Work

You will also need copies of:

  • The New Jerusalem Bible
  • The Sunday Missal


These are available from available from Our Lady's Bookshop

Course Fees

The fee for Parts 1, 2a, 2b and 3 is £30. (This will include Course notes on Doctrine, Scripture and Moral Issues.)

There is an additional fee of £5 for Part 4.

Students will also pay for postage of work papers to and from their tutor, where email is not used.


The Course is under the general supervision of the Director of Studies, Rev. Harry Curtis, M.Ed., B.Sc., STL. Students are assigned to a tutor, and invited to attend the OLC Annual Conference and Study Day, to meet tutors and fellow students.

Assessment and Certification

At the end of Part 3, the student wishing to qualify as a catechist will be assessed, partly on Course and partly on an externally assessed review paper written at home under the same conditions as the Course units.

The full Course can be completed in two years but full allowance is made for personal circumstances.

Part 4 will be assessed on written papers and practical work to be arranged by the student and approved by the parish priest or his delegate. On successful completion of the Course, assessment and practical work, student will be awarded a Certificate, signed by the Bishop of the student’s diocese, the Chairman of OLC and the Director of Studies, which qualifies the successful student as a Parish Catechist.

Further Information

To find out more:

  • Click here to view a detailed synopsis of the Foundation course. You can also download it in Word or PDF format.
  • Get a Student’s View of the course
  • Contact the Foundation Course Registrar for further information using the link below:

Pam Comerford

Apply to do this course

  • Before you can do this course, you need to talk to your priest and get his approval, as this course prepares you for a catechetical role in your parish.
  • You can download an application form for the Foundation Course in PDF format here. You need to complete your part and get it signed by your priest before returning it to the Registrar, whose contact details are on the form.