Foundation Course - A Student's View

Mary Johnstone

Mary is one of our former students and her comments follow:

Taking this course has enabled me in the knowledge and love of my faith. I have been increasingly enlightened by the Word of God, especially through studying the Scriptures and Church teachings. It was interesting to become aware of how God’s on-going revelation was from the very beginning of time. An example of this being when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son as a test really of obedience, in contrast to Adam and Eve’s disobedience. It also foretold how God’s beloved Son would be sacrificed for the sins of humanity.

The course has helped deepen my faith in the Triune God. It has made the Eucharistic Celebration more meaningful; it has increased my awareness of the homilies as to how I need apply the Gospel message in my daily life. I am spiritually strengthened by the study of this course and realise what matters from God’s viewpoint, not mine.

Reading widely around the subjects was the most enjoyable part for me on the road to enlightment.

As a result of this course I can more actively share God’s message and serve in my Parish Community, serving those in need and ever seeking inspiration from the Holy Spirit towards the building up of Christ’s Church. I am able to apply this study to enabling First Holy Communion preparation and assist in Confirmation preparation, both of which I am involved in already. I am grateful for the patience of my tutor and registrar.

Further Information

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  • Before you can do this course, you need to talk to your priest and get his approval, as this course prepares you for a catechetical role in your parish.
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