Diploma Course - A Student's View

Hanora Bircham

I have been representing my church on the local ecumenical committee for some time following the death of our permanent Deacon. I was expected to lead discussion groups and comment on various biblical themes and passages and was feeling somewhat challenged. I felt I needed to have a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Catholic faith.

My Parish Priest gave me details of the Course which seemed to fit the bill, especially as it covered biblical studies which my pre-Vatican II Catholic education had neglected almost entirely.

I now feel much more confident when preparing my contribution to Lenten and Advent discussion and can explain more clearly what I believe in. It has also been a great help to me in preparing services that we give at a local care home which require a short reflection to be given.

Several of my close friends are of no particular faith and it is helpful to have an answer ready when they ask me about my belief in God and my hope for the future. If we can’t explain our belief we are not going to convince anyone about the existence of God or our need for his grace and blessing.

Studying the course requires commitment in terms of time and energy but the spiritual rewards greatly outweigh the effort involved. I have come to a much deeper understanding of the love that God has for me and that he loves and forgives me even if I stray from his path.

The help offered by tutors is invaluable. Comprehensive course notes lead the student through what is required and feedback is positive, encouraging and helpful.


Hanora Bircham
who went on to achieve a distinction!

Further Information

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  • Before you can do this course, you need to talk to your priest and get his approval, as it places you in a position to take up a catechetical role in your parish, if asked.
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