Diploma Course - Reaping the Harvest

Work and Assessment

Your work and its assessment will take place in a variety of ways:

Test Papers

You will study a Test Paper (TP) and answer one question from a choice of two. You may answer either answer an Essay Question or a Teaching Question. All students are required to complete a short task at the end of each paper, for example, writing a brief paragraph on a subject related to that paper.


No limit is set with regard to the length of the answers, although students are encouraged to include only material which is directly relevant to answering the question. A bibliography is expected at the end of each essay.

Teaching Questions

You are required to create Lesson Plans on given subjects. We provide sample Lesson Plan Outlines and various Teaching Methods are suggested at the start of the course and throughout the Test Papers.

Time Required for each Test Paper

You will work in your own time and at your own pace. Generally, it is reasonable to complete about ten Test Papers a year. Extensions may be agreed in certain circumstances, for example, due to illness or family commitments.

Notes on Practical Work

You are encouraged to be actively involved in practical catechesis whilst studying on this Diploma Course. You are encouraged speak to your Parish Priest to arrange practical work within the parish. You will make notes on your practical work and submit these at the end of each article of the course.