Christian Mysteries Course

The Mysteries of the Christian Life, is our latest course and is an exploration of Christian Life and Doctrine through the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The Course is based on the exploration of the Rosary.

Each chapter takes in turn a decade of the Rosary, working through the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. Each chapter has its own worksheet with Bible readings and a picture to focus attention and encourage reflection.

This course has been designed so that the student can either bring their findings to a group for discussion or send it to an appointed tutor.

Course Structure

The course is based on the decades of the Holy Rosary, each of which is broken down in five related chapters.

1. Introduction

  • The History of the Rosary
  • The Relevance of the Rosary
  • Praying the Rosary

By contemplating the mysteries as expressed in the Rosary, we will improve our understanding of the Gospel message.

2. The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

  • The Annunciation
  • The Visitation
  • The Nativity
  • The Presentation
  • The Finding in the Temple

3. The Mysteries of Light

  • The Baptism of Our Lord in the River Jordan
  • The Marriage at Cana
  • The Proclamation of the Kingdom and the Call to Conversion
  • The Transfiguration
  • The Institution of the Eucharist

4. The Sorrowful Mysteries

  • The Agony in the Garden
  • The Scourging at the Pillar
  • The Crowning with Thorns
  • Jesus Carries His Cross
  • Jesus Dies on the Cross

5. The Glorious Mysteries

  • The Resurrection
  • The Ascension
  • The Coming of the Holy Spirit upon Our Lady and the Apostles
  • The Assumption
  • The Crowning of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and the Glory of all the Saints

6. Appendix: The Prayers of the Rosary

  • The Sign of the Cross
  • The Apostles Creed
  • The Our Father
  • The Hail Mary
  • The Glory Be
  • The Fatima Prayer
  • The Hail, Holy Queen
  • Concluding Prayer
  • Prayer of Exorcism

Sample Chapter

You can download a free sample chapter from the course here.

Course Fees

The course costs £20.

If the student works by email, there will be no further cost but students working by post must pay the cost of postage to and from their tutor. Usually this is the price of a first class stamp.

How long will the course take to complete?

There is no time limit on completion. You can work at you own pace at home, to suit your circumstances. We do, however, recommend a regular study routine as it helps continuity between the different mysteries and promotes a better understanding of them and how they relate to each other. Most students complete the course between 3 and 6 months, but some take longer or have to suspend study for a time because of domestic or other problems. That is perfectly acceptable!

Assessment and Certification

There is no formal assessment for this course, but you will receive feedback for all work submitted. At the end of the course a Certificate of Completion is issued.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn about the Mysteries
  • Improve their understanding of the Rosary
  • Deepen their Faith
  • Develop their Prayer-Life

Prior Qualifications and Approval

No previous qualifications are needed to do this course. As long as your English is good enough to understand the course units and communicate with your tutor, that is all that is needed. However, if you are new to the Christian faith then you might benefit by completing the Catholicism Made Simple course first.

Neither do you need the approval of your priest or minister, but they might be interested in knowing you are doing the course.


The Registrar for this course is Beryl Wakefield. She is responsible for handling applications and allocating students to tutors.

How to Apply

You can download an application form for this course in Microsoft Word or PDF format, or you can apply online here.

For further information about this course please contact Beryl by following the link below.

Beryl Wakefield


The course is copyright of Our Lady’s Catechists. It was written by Fr Harry Curtis, STL, B.Sc, M.Ed., who was Professor of Dogmatic Theology at St Mary’s College Oscott, Birmingham, and then Dean. He is now a Parish Priest in Coventry.