Children's Section

Let the little children come unto me
for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven
(Matthew 19-14)

Our Aim

We aim, particularly, to offer help to those parents whose children are not able to attend a Catholic school or parish classes for their religious education. To provide assistance, we offer parents and catechists:

  • Happy Half Hour lesson sheets enabling children to work on a one to one basis
  • Colouring Books, covering the well known gospel stories. They include basic text covering the story itself
  • Our Listening to Jesus through the Gospels program, which covers the the Sunday gospel readings at mass, in a way that children can understand.

For Younger Children

Happy Half Hour Leaflets

These a series of simplified bible stories, followed by questions for children to answer and a drawing to colour in. They are arranged in landscape format, so that each lesson covers two sides of A4, meaning that a single sheet can be printed out for use.

You can download all 12 lessons in one file in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Colouring Books

Our colouring books are all A4 pictures with a short explanation. The Parables Books 1 and 2 include the stories in easy language for the child to read. Other books have an explanation with each picture.

For Older Children

Listening to Jesus through the Gospels

We have a complete series of worksheets for each Sunday of the church’s year. These examine the gospel story, have a series of questions for children to think about, as well as key words and concepts for them to understand. They also include drawings for colouring in or painting.

You can download our files from the table below based on the Church Year letter. The weeks are arranged as you would read a page, left to right then downwards.

Today is Monday 27th of September 2021 in Liturgical Year: B

The church's year runs from the first Sunday of Advent, usually in early December, through to the Feast of Christ the King in late November the following year. There is a three yearly cycle - years A, B and C

You can download the lessons for each week of the liturgical year from the following pages:

However, before you start some planning will be helpful! Download the file below.

For More Advanced Children

These resources are aimed at children who can already read quite well, and are able to understand and evaluate written material. They consist of series of readings, and associated questions and answers. By this stage, the children have moved a little beyond colouring in pictures!

A Study of Luke's Gospel

We also have a series of worksheets enabling children to study the Gospel of Saint Luke. There are 50 seperate excercises, but these are grouped together in 7 files, which you can download in Microsoft Word or PDF format. The Word files can be opened in most PCs, laptops and tablet computers, enabling children to use Word to insert their answers to the questions directly into the worksheets. Otherwise, the PDFs are good for printing out and using a pen!

These files print out as A4 sheets, but are designed to be folded into mini-booklets of A5 size.

  • Series 1: Lessons 1 to 8 - Word or PDF
  • Series 2: Lessons 9 to 14 - Word or PDF
  • Series 3: Lessons 16 to 20 - Word or PDF
  • Series 4: Lessons 21 to 27 - Word or PDF
  • Series 5: Lessons 28 to 34 - Word or PDF
  • Series 6: Lessons 35 to 43 - Word or PDF
  • Series 7: Lessons 44 to 50 - Word or PDF


A Study of the Acts of the Apostles

This is a systematic study of the Acts of the Apostles, broken down into four parts with several short lessons in each. Children need to be able to read sections of the Bible, and then respond to a series of questions. Sorry folks - no drawing or colouring in here!

These file print out as A4 sheets, but are designed to be folded into mini-booklets of A5 size.

A series of cover sheets are also available for each booklet