Welcome the OLC Website

Hello, and as spiritual director and director of studies I should like to welcome you to the website of Our Lady’s Catechists. It is worth noting the name. Because OLC was formed under the banner of the Catholic Women’s League it has sometimes been assumed that our title is “Our Ladies, Catechists” or even “Our Lady Catechists”, but that is a misunderstanding.

We are catechists, women and men, under the patronage of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and as our mission statement puts it, “As Mary brought Jesus to us all, we hope to bring Him to those individuals – adults or children – who are unable to use other resources.”

It is a privilege to be able to work with so many talented and dedicated people, and I hope that these pages may encourage you to explore with them the wonderful depths of the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Harry Curtis


The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.”

Basil C Hume, (1923-1999) Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster.

We train Catechists who want to hand on their faith and hope to others. We do this via correspondence courses and remote learning. Click here to find out more about our educational courses.

What Makes our Courses Different?

There are three ways that our courses differ for those offered at diocesan training centres and Catholic colleges.

1. Convenience

You can complete all of your studies at home and within your parish. This avoids the cost and stress of traveling. The necessary learning packages are sent to your home, emailed to you, or are available online.

2. Flexibility

There are no time limits imposed on the completion of the courses. This means they can wrap around the other commitments in your life, such as work and family. It is also possible to suspendyour participation in any of our courses, if you encounter personal or family issues that need to take priority - you can then pick up where you left off when the situation improves.

3. Cost

Course fees are much less expensive than equivalent courses as training centres and colleges, as our costs are minimal, mostly production of booklets, postage, etc.

Apart from our courses that train people to be catechists, we have other courses foranyone who simply wants to deepen their faith and understanding. You can find out more about these here.

Resources for Children

Our Lady's Catechists also produce a wide range of resources to help children learn about the Christian faith. These are well-suited to working with early-years children at nursery, primary school, or even during Mass in the Children's Liturgy. You can find out about these here.

Our Mission Statement

As Mary brought Jesus to us all, we hope to bring Him to those individuals – adults or children – who are unable to use other resources.
We do this directly by postal courses or courses sent electronically through to the catechists we train and support, and in occasional meetings.